The Art of Transmutation

Is the alchemy of lead into gold;
The art of composting death into new life.

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What if...

your greatest challenges were actually catalysts to your greatest growth?

and every “bad” thing that happened “to you” was an opportunity to spin straw into gold?

Falling chronically ill at the age of 21 paved the way for the work I do today. Initially I was angry, resentful, and drowning in self-pity and victimhood. I couldn’t understand why this was “happening to me.”

Illness diminished my vitality and my libido, and I embarked on the path of sexual healing through the lenses of Tantra and Taoism.

This journey led me to the whole of Tantra and Taoism, beyond the realms of sexuality, and I discovered through the lens of nonduality that chronic illness was not here to ruin my life, but rather to immerse me more fully in it.

It was the awakening to the greatest passion and purpose I had ever known; it was an initiation into the work I am here to do.

This path taught me how to alchemize the hardship life offers me into rich, fertile ground for new growth and expansion.

It’s within the darkness of the chrysalis that metamorphosis occurs.

The art of transmutation is what allowed me to blossom.

Transmutation is the alchemy of lead into gold; the art of composting death into new life.

It is the lotus that rises from the muck and blossoms in the face of all adversity.

What if you knew how to alchemize the current chaos and challenges of the world into fuel for change, personal evolution, and collective empowerment?

How would your reality shift if rather than being at the effect of it all, you could harness your power of choice and create the change you want to see?

When you can see through the illusions that keep you playing small and stuck in the disheartening battle of “us vs. them,” the way you perceive and play the game of life changes forever.

Since everything stems from and returns to the same source, that which we demonize is not separate from us, but rather a piece of us that needs to be integrated.

The “other” is simply another “us” we have yet to understand and see as ourselves.

Demonizing the other side causes us to stay stuck in reactivity and miss out on invaluable points of connection and opportunities for collaboration that can only be seen from the bird’s eye view.

Can you imagine being able to find harmony with the people in your life that trigger you, without going into people-pleasing or avoidance?

There are tools for alchemizing chaos, conflict and hardship into growth, empowerment, and connection.


It all starts with radical self-responsibility.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I’m wise, so I’m changing myself.”

~ The wise Sufi poet Rumi

This quote changed my life forever when my exhausted, hardcore activist 21-year old self came upon it on the inside door of a portapotty at Beloved Festival while deep in a medicine journey.

I had been trying so hard to control and change what everyone else was doing to destroy the world, while also living a neurotically sustainable life, but what really needed to shift was my relationship with myself and the way of the world.

In this holographic universe, there is a reflective interplay between the internal and external work. As within, so without; as above so below.

When worked in tandem, an outpouring of love and devotion to purpose is possible like you’ve never imagined.

When you’re radically self-responsible, you are a co-creator of your reality, not a victim of it.

When you stop pointing blame for why your life or the world is the way it is, you reclaim your power and ability to choose.

This is not a matter of bypassing or denying what has happened, but rather using it as fuel to transform.

When you’re deeply rooted in your sovereign truth, you are truly unfuckwithable.

You’re not swayed by the judgments and opinions of others. You’re not afraid to say the wrong thing or be canceled. You’re not able to be guilted, shamed, manipulated or coerced into anything.

How would your relationships shift if every conversation you had came from this deeply connected place of self-trust and clarity, with the ability to respect the same in others?

How would the choices you make transform if there were no longer pressure to conform, be approved of, or even be liked?

Where would you stop playing small?

The ancient lenses of nonduality, Tantra and Taoism have much wisdom to offer us in these modern times of distortion, disconnection, and desperation.

While the “other side” can be deeply triggering, taking responsibility for our own triggers and cultivating the capacity to hold high amounts of sensation is necessary to transmute and mobilize, rather than spinning out into denial or despair.

On the other side of every challenge lies a gift; on the other side of every obstacle lies an opportunity.

This is a journey of coming home to the most raw, authentic truth of who you are and the sacred nature of reality in all of its permutations.

A reclamation of radical self-responsibility and your role as a conscious co-creator and agent of change in this universe.

A return to your unique sovereign song that may have been silenced under a lifetime of programming, conditioning, people-pleasing, and information overload, but has been there all along.

A dropping of all veils that have kept you playing small; a shedding of skins that have buried your wisdom deep within; a breaking free of any hooks of victimhood, blame and shame that have tricked you into staying stuck in the past and robbed you of your power to live fully in the present.

A reattuning to the truth of your internal compass, and the courage to unapologetically live its fullest, uninhibited expression.

An opportunity to know ourselves more deeply than we ever have, daring to peer into the places we’ve maybe been too afraid to face.

A reconciling of opposites, beyond the illusion of duality, into loving wholeness and acceptance for all pieces of reality, recognizing the divinity that exists within everything-- including the “mundane” and the “profane.”

What often appear as separate opposing forces are actually two sides of the same coin, and have the capacity to harmonize beautifully when we understand how they can work together, rather than against each other.

Life can’t be created without both masculine and feminine. Neither electrical charge nor a magnetism can be created without both a positive and negative pole.

Life can’t sustain without death. The lotus can’t blossom without the fertile darkness of the underworld.

When we awaken from the dream of duality and find equal purpose within and gratitude for both life and death, darkness and light, our truth vs “their” truth, we discover a deep inner peace like the profound stillness of the ocean beneath the thrashing waves on the surface.

Are you ready and willing to play your role in harmonizing with the whole of who you are, including all the characters of this divine play (who are also a part of the whole of who you are)?

I invite you to journey with me in devotion to truth. Your truth. However that expresses for you.

“There are many lamps but the light is the same”


The Art of Transmutation is an evergreen course that you'll have lifetime access to

There will also be a course library of guided practices and extra resources.
We’ll have a private group discussion platform to connect and share experiences, no social media required.
You will leave with tools and practices to integrate into your everyday life, including breathwork, meditation, somatic exploration journeys, journaling, dreamwork, shamanic journeying, movement, discussion, and more.
5 x 2+ hour recordings from live classes with Sureya,  broken down in a digestible format.
No act loses us; no violence we're subjected to destroys us; no debasement chases out the divine, and no one can take the divine from us.

~ Daniel Odier

Activations within the journey:

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Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate

~ Carl Jung

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I look forward to witnessing the blossoming of the truest you.

Your Guide:

Sureya Leonara is a Holistic Sex & Relationship coach with a passion for holding the mirror at an angle for people to witness and embody their uninhibited brilliance. Her work reaches far beyond just the act of sex, and is a journey home to embodied wholeness and sovereignty, integrating every piece of who we are into loving acceptance.

Her work is rooted in Tantric and Taoist traditions, made accessible and applicable to the modern westerner; as well as extensive embodied, first-hand experience. Her approach is grounded and accessible, yet deep, soulful, and playful all at the same time, offering multifaceted, integrative transformation to actualize our fullest potential.

Who is this for

  • This is a journey for anyone, regardless of gender, age, background, etc., who is ready to step forth with an open heart and mind, and is ready to commit to truth and sovereignty.
  • This is for those who are ready to peer into the deepest parts of their soul, beneath the personality, and discover their most ancient sacred song.
  • This road is not for the easily offended, the faint of heart, those who adamantly cling to the victim story, or those who wade in the shallows for fear of leaning into that edge and peering into the eternal mystery.
  • This is for those who are willing to lean into discomfort, surrender the need to be “right” in the name of seeing truth from many different angles beneath the clouded lens of duality, and receive and interact with each other lovingly and compassionately.

It’s ideal that you have some embodied understanding of the concept of “oneness,” the individual as a microcosm of the whole, the anima mundi, the holographic universe, or “As above, so below; as within, so without,” in whatever way that expresses for you, before joining this course, though it’s not required.

This course will very much help to deepen that embodied understanding, but if it’s a totally new concept to you, you may find it rather abstract, though I will be presenting these concepts in a grounded and accessible way, and guiding us through practices to experience them first hand.

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

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Thank you for your courage and trust.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase “each other”
doesn’t make any sense.
The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep.
People are going back and forth across the doorsill
where the two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.


Love Letters from Previous Clients & Students

  • “Sureya is a multifaceted young lady. She is the personification of a great educator: articulate in speaking, knowledgeable of the subject matter, personable in her being. Sureya’s enthusiasm allowed me to explore this course with an open mind, not knowing what the end result would be. I am appreciative of the self-assurance she has instilled in me and the edges she has encouraged me to push. I’m amazed by the insights she imparted upon me that I had never otherwise considered. Thank you Sureya!”

    ~ Dwight, 70

  • “I personally think that your greatest gift as a teacher is the amount of love and attention that you were able to give to all of us students. I think that being in the presence of such energy is really healing”

    ~ Pavel, 28

  • “Sureya is a deeply intuitive, powerful coach who has a knack for connecting with exactly where work needs to be done, and how. I give her all 5 stars and a seal of endorsement. You will not regret working with this woman.”

    ~ Cat, 34

  • “You are a wise woman. I have learned important life lessons from you in a very short time. I wish I had gotten to know you sooner”

    ~ Earl, 60

  • “Sureya is an absolutely beaming beacon of love. The guidance, exercises and tools she helped me access have been very helpful to my spiritual, energetic and sexual growth. I greatly appreciate this divine being and her service.”

    ~ Giovanna, 30

“This course was so honest. I’ve never been a part of anything so open and true. I found things about myself that I had never understood before. Even though I am still working on the practices, I can already see a change happening. I am happier, fuller and more confident.”

~ Alex, 38

“Sureya’s wisdom is like honey that pours through all the gaps in connection (that we may not have even realized we had). With this nectar blooms a sense of true wholeness from which true, rich, fulfilling emotional and physical intimacy can emerge. Sureya’s wisdom is the perfect balance of esoteric and practical, spiritual and grounded; her embodied approach and relatability makes this experience accessible for people from all walks of life. If you are on the fence, just do it. It’ll change your life.”

~ Violet, 29

“I attended a workshop of Sureya's and felt deeply held and grounded by her presence, confidence, and transparency. She created a beautiful container for myself and 10 other humans to be vulnerable, connect, and play. I would highly recommend any of Sureya's workshops as well as her 1:1 coaching offerings. It's clear that she's done the work herself and has a gift for gently exploring this sometimes difficult topic with others.”

~ Chanelle, 26

“Coming home to my own compass has been HUGE. Driving my own decisions, desires etc. from my own internal source is the only way that I can enhance my authenticity and now there’s a man whom women can actually connect with instead of me just trying to figure out what will please them. Untangling my own traumas and removing barriers, thereby learning to actually love myself better has also been huge. I really feel that others can only love me as much as I love myself, and this work has really helped me move the need in that area.”

~ Nolan, 42

“Sureya is gentle, playful, open, experienced, And is overflowing with full of love, nurturance, insight, and wisdom. She holds space in an airtight container of allowance, trust, and connection. She’s an absolute powerhouse catalyst for growth, introspection, and expansion, and makes the process firey and fun. Six out of five stars! You want her in your life!

~ David, 35

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Join the Program
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